Glen Rose ISD Presents End-Of-Year Awards

The GRISD Employee End-of-Year Awards Breakfast was held Saturday, May 25, 2019. Each year, Glen Rose ISD honors an outstanding employee with the Point of Light award. Point of Light recipients are chosen for their dedication to Glen Rose ISD. This year’s 2019 Point of Light recipient is Shannon Starnes.








5-Yr Service Awards: Front Row: Melody Pena, Elsa Muro Hill, Sandra Flores, Nicole Frush, Jill Evans, Antonia Guzman, Clint Lockhart, Evelyn Rolon, Alfredo Mora. Back Row: Jason Pounds, Shelley Statler, Hannah Davis, Diana Hess, April Hamby, James Evans, & Robert Rogge. Not pictured: Sandy Langford & Ammie Gordon







10-Yr. Service Awards: Candace Stegint, Mehgan Schuelke, Kasey Reedy, Wendy Homrighaus, Mandy Phillips, Tammy Gomez, Miranda Funderburg, & Debbie Cathey







15-Yr Service Awards: Susie Wright, Shannon Starnes, Kristy Snow, Esperanza Sanchez, Jaqueline Odom, Ruth Ann Emerson, Elojia Anderson, Lauri Mapes, & Bridgett Holder. Not picture: Sue Dahl, Wendy Mena, Stacy Davenport, & Anita Morales







20-Yr. Service Awards: Dana Rigano, Michelle Horn, Patricia Bieler, Candy McClure, Sandra Taylor, & Tommy Corcoran








25-Yr. Service Awards: Rosa Ruiz and Gary Peterson







30-Yr Service Award: Janet Wallace