Blood Supplys Are Still Running Low

There is still a desperate need for blood donations.  Carter Mobile Bloodcare will today July 1st be at Hamilton Healthcare System, 400 N.Brown St. with appointments available from 1pm-5:45.  Tomorrow July 2nd they will be at the HEB in Hudson Oaks at 100 Hudson Oaks Dr. from 10:30-3:45.  On Monday, July 5th, Carter’s will be in Mineral Wells at the Family Life Center, 108 NW 4th Ave from 3pm-6:45.  Also on Monday the 5th Palo Pinto General will be accepting donations at the hospital from 9am-2pm and at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church from 2pm-7pm.  Please give at one of these events if you are able.  Any blood donated is usually used within 36 hours.  These will be posted on our website a bit later