Thank You For Coming To Goosebump Jump 2024


Goosebumps and Gratitude: A Big Thanks to all the Jumpers!

The weather may have been chilly, but the hearts of Granbury were warm as toast this past weekend for the annual Goosebump Jump! From the brave plungers who took the plunge (and maybe screamed a little), to the cheering crowd who kept the spirits high, a huge thank you is in order!

Together, we raised over $1,000 for Happy Hills Farm! That’s a whole lot of good deeds fueled by some very cold water. Granbury, you’ve proved once again that we’re a community that knows how to have fun for a good cause.

So, from the bottom of our frozen hearts, a giant thank you to everyone who made the Goosebump Jump such a splash! We can’t wait to see you (and maybe your crazy costumes) again next year!